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Haydn’s Creation

Earlier this month I attended a performance of Franz Joseph Haydn’s magnificent oratorio, THE CREATION, at Woolsey Hall in New Haven. This immortal masterpiece is one of the pinnacles of artistic achievement; I refuse to miss any local presentation of it! This...

Composing a Requiem

I am composing a Requiem for my brother, James, who passed away in the Spring of 2011. I can only work on it a little at a time, since I find this project quite daunting, as well as emotionally exhausting. At the current rate of progress, I expect it will take me...
Voice Leading Made Easy

Voice Leading Made Easy

When learning to write music in four-part harmony in root-position, it can seem quite daunting for the novice. There are so many things to avoid: parallel unisons, fifths and octaves; melodic movement by an augmented second or a tritone; awkward leaps, et cetera....
The Dynamics of Dissonance

The Dynamics of Dissonance

I would like to remind you blogees of an all-too- often-forgotten (or altogether-ignored!) concept of elegant musical performance: namely that, in general, DISSONANCES SHOULD BE PLAYED OR SUNG MORE LOUDLY THAN CONSONANCES. This rule applies to MELODIC dissonances on...