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I have studied under David Gleba for over ten years now, and his depth of knowledge concerning classical keyboard performance and composition never ceases to amaze me. This along with his ample patience and kindness make him perfect for both beginners and advanced students alike. As a former concert pianist and practicing composer, few know their craft better than him; and once you get to know him, you may realize no one has a more profound knowledge and understanding of eighteenth century classical music than Mr. Gleba. Thus, for both piano and composition/music theory lessons, you cannot find a better teacher than David. Placing me under his direction was definitely one of the best decisions my family ever made, and you would miss an amazing opportunity to greatly improve your musicality and acquire a wonderful friend if you did not first contact Mr. Gleba

Jackson Macor

I am a piano teacher myself with three children who are all growing up in my studio. By the time they get to middle school, they’re great musicians, but they’re tired of their mother and don’t want to listen to her anymore.

David has been a long-time friend, colleague, and a musician for whom I have great respect. I had tried several other teachers to find that he was the best fit for my children. His sense of humor, his sensitivity to them, his ability to choose repertoire for them, and his ability to extract musicality out of them has inspired me in my own teaching for years now. My teaching has improved a great deal by watching him in action.

A few summers ago, I taught an AP Music Theory course over the summer, and for the last few sessions, when it started to get a little hairy for me, I called David in for reinforcements. He took over right where I left off and helped all three students a great deal. They all three scored fives on their tests. (Thank you, David!)

It’s in the fourth paragraph: He is the only one in this area I know that teaches classical composition, a small niche indeed. My own children play many of his delightful pieces at the piano, and I have heard an orchestral piece by one of his students performed as part of the program at Guilford High School’s Orchestra concert – fabulous!

Anyone would be fortunate to have such an instructor!

Sandy Connolly

When looking for classical piano lessons for our child, like all parents, we were concerned that she would not only receive great instruction and an appreciation for great music, it needed to be an enriching and enjoyable experience overall. Well with David Gleba we have found just that. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he is kind, patient, light-hearted-just a tremendous person. He is an exceptional musician providing an extraordinary experience for our child. We could not be happier and are so glad we found David Gleba. We highly recommend him!

Erica Bradley

I am writing this review to share my experience and praise a truly exceptional mentor and teacher. David Gleba is a teacher that I can support with absolute resolve and admiration. I had taken years of private lessons with David and under his tutelage I had excelled much faster than I did with my previous teacher. This is no cookie cutter lesson and it is completely individualized to the student’s specific needs and level of classical training. From beginner to advanced, any musician can learn from David Gleba. He was trained by the best, including the late Leopold Godowsky III. He is an exceptional person as well as a classical genius. If you wish to learn and train with the best then David is your man!

Even though I was short on time during my high school years, David was understanding and continued to teach at an advanced level. He did not cut me short and instead gave me his full time and attention with each lesson, even if we went over time. I cannot express my gratitude for the skills and knowledge he has passed on to me. In addition to his teaching ability and raw passion as a pianist and composer he has a quick intellect, witty humor, and quirky fun personality (always popular with the children).

David delivers an unforgettable experience for students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill level. He has a tremendous ability to uphold clarity and to communicate complex concepts, characteristic of the lessons he gives. I highly recommend and would like to personally validate, as a past student, what a responsible, fun, and intelligent teacher and mentor David is. Teachers have a great responsibility when they choose their profession: to teach and mentor future generations, passing on their knowledge to new individuals with care, passion, and understanding. David fulfills this role and passes on his knowledge with dedication, compassion, and a bountiful dose of witty humor.

If you are considering David but would like to have a student reference and speak with someone previously taught by him, please ask for my contact info and I will be more than happy to talk with you and share my experience further!

Sarah Fusco

David Gleba introduced my son to playing music by presenting him with an original composition that was far more interesting than the usual ‘first piece’, and so captured my son’s interest immediately. David has a wonderful way of engaging young students as well as adults. As a talented composer, he is adept at communicating the finer points of technique and interpretation. I wish I had a teacher like him when I was a young student.
Kim Pham

Our son took classical piano lessons with Mr. Gleba for a number of years. A very talented pianist and composer, Mr. Gleba has a particularly good way with kids – makes piano interesting and fun, with a wicked sense of humor, but teaches in a true classical style. We highly recommend Mr. Gleba to anybody old or young who wants an accomplished and talented piano teacher.
David Cone

Hands down, David is the BEST teacher I ever had the pleasure to deal with. His knowledge and understanding of the piano and classical music are astounding! Not only did I improve my piano skills, I also improved my history skills!

David’s patience and teachings made my time with him incredible! I look forward to the day when my children are old enough to learn from him as well! An absolute amazing experience! Thank you, David!

Joe Warren

Our daughter enjoyed many years of lessons on the piano with David Gleba. He is an excellent instructor, punctual, and instilled in her a deep love and appreciation for classical piano music. The pieces that he chose for her to practice were a;ways lovely to listen to as parents, but also fun for her to play as a student. We highly recommend this exceptional teacher.
Andrea Branford

David is a fantastic teacher and a brilliant musician. He taught one of my daughters for several years, during which time she progressed from being a complete novice to being able to play advanced material fluently. We also hosted a few recitals at our house and I was able to see first hand the remarkable progress that all of his students demonstrated as well as the strong rapport he enjoyed with each student. David challenges his students to be the best they can be, but does so in a manner that is fun, encouraging, and supportive. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Sam Bradford

My daughter started learning piano with David Gleba. He started her on actual music instead of the repetitive tedium that I learned as a kid. She is learning at least twice as fast as I learned, but more importantly he teaches the whole piece of music including phrasing, dynamics and tempo right off the bat. On top of his teaching, he manages my precocious 8 year old with ease, and even my four-year-old looks forward to her sister’s lessons just to see him. Couldn’t be happier.
Susan Kelly

I met David in 1997. He was the piano accompanist for a violin recital at the Tabor Community Arts Center, formerly of Branford, CT. He rehearsed and accompanied me, as well as at least a dozen other Tabor violin students. I was so nervous as a teenage violin soloist, but David’s calm assurance and what I would come to see as his ever-ready sense of humor had an encouraging effect on me as a performer and put that smile on my face that we all look for in a great performer.

Some time during a break from our rehearsal, I had discussed classical composers with David, and he had mentioned his compositions and his availability as a composing teacher. After our recital, I began weekly 60-minute lessons with David. He taught me harmony, counterpoint, and classical composition for a few years when I was a teenager. I played the violin and the guitar at the time. One of the main reasons that I was able to branch out, and to now play the violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, and the drums is the understanding of music theory and harmony that I learned studying with David. He is a very generous teacher. Often, in the midst of an important harmony lesson, we would not end abruptly when the hour was up, but rather, David would teach until the concept at hand was clear. Everything I learned from him about harmony and voice leading I continually use in my teaching, composing, and musical performance today. I eventually learned that David enjoyed discussing composers, classical composition, music in general, history, and many other topics, offering insight and a keen attention to detail that is inspiring. He is multi-lingual, and his through his teaching methods, I even picked up a little Latin and German.

David is an impressive pianist. I will always recall how impressed I was when he played through a section of a Mozart piano concerto from memory when I asked him to play for me, his hands moving so elegantly all over his grand piano making this masterful piece appear easy. Not only was he a great composing teacher and pianist, but he also has served as a church organist and choir director, and recognizing that instrumentalists who play intonation instruments often have a good ear for singing in tune, he even hired me to sing for some productions of sacred music.

These days, I am a working medical professional, but I am very glad I spent as much time and money as I did on David’s teaching. My musicianship was greatly enhanced through our studies. Not only am I paid every week to teach violin, and sometimes viola, cello, and guitar lessons, in which I utilize music theory that I learned in my lessons with David, but I also am paid to play violin in an orchestra and in small ensembles for weddings and other venues. I write music for private clients, including pieces for the soundtrack to a documentary that will be released this spring 2015. Of all the training and schooling I have received, it is clear to me that music has paid off. I think I would have been content just enjoying music as an aficionado, as I do: I sing in local folk song groups, such as shape note and Corsican singing groups, and I also play fiddle, guitar, and percussion for various formal and informal small ensembles as a volunteer. But, while the joy I get from teaching, playing, and writing music might have been enough, the money I have made from it feels good, partly because it is a testament to the quality of the teachers I studied with (David was my only composing teacher), and to the fact that my studies with teachers like David have been paying off.

Matt T.